Arctic paper
Munken Agenda 2018

The Munken Agenda is printed on four different paper shades from the Munken Design Range. Each shade represents a certain time of the year, one for each season. Through light, and dark. From the creamy shade of Munken Pure to the true high white Munken Kristall. One of many qualities of the agenda is the uniquely threaded sewed open binding technique, which allows the agenda to stay flat when opened.

Concept — Illuminate

Time is months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds — Time is the seasons. Seasons are light. Light is a guide through time.  This year’s concept, Illuminate, is developed from the seasons that one can find in the Nordic Region. To combine the feelings and moods one experiences in the different months, from January through December. Illuminate comes with the inspiration of how light can guide one through time. Let the gradients of light that are changing over the year help you navigate through 2018.

School: Kristiania University College, Oslo
Consept + Design: Anja Bratt, Mads Pretorius, Annette Holst
Client: Arctic Paper
Project: Munken Agenda 2018
Distribution: 17 000 printed copies
Project photos by Jesper Orrbeck Photography

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